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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  April 4, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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planes, 8 0u6 whi0 here in the most operated by the southwest. the concern more fatigue and stress cracks could be found leading to more travel disruptions over the coming weeks. as maintenance teams and federal investigators continue to cut through possible issues with southwest airlines fleet of 737, 300s, the carrier was forced to cancel 70 flights. southwest grounded 79 planes for emergency inspections and canceled hundreds of flights over the weekend after this five-foot hole ripped through the fuselage of a jet last friday. depressurizing the cabin, 18 minutes a flight from fine, to sacramento. >> preliminary onsite investigation reveals pre-existing fatigue along the entire fracture surface. >> maintenance records show in 2010, crews found ten instances of cracking in the aircraft's frame and 11 more instances of cracked clips designed to hold the plane's skin in place. today we learned inspectors have
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found subsurface cracks in at least three more southwest jets. similar to those that may have caused the tear last friday. but faa officials stress, that is not unusual for a fleet that is 10 to 15 years old. and that the planes are subject to regular investigations. >> cracks are found and repaired, routinely, again most failures, airplanes are designed if there is a structural failure it's not catastrophic. >> reporter: no catastrophe, quite an inconvenience for thousands of passengers. >> i was really ready. i would rather they get the planes fixed first. >> more than 50 planes inspected returned to service. southwest expects to finish the process and be back to regular flight schedule by tomorrow. u.s. airways the only other u.s. carrier that also flies the 737, 300 right now with 19 of those models on its fleet. the company says its aircraft are configured differently so not susceptible to the same
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stress cracking. meanwhile, southwest jet in this latest incident is almost 15 years old and was last inspected march 29th. ntsb says maintenance records and inspections on the plane were all up to date. thank you, vicky. cancellation of southwest flights in and out of the bay area caused confusion and inconvenience for at least one woman trying to fly out of sfo. as she found out her flight ended up being canceled. >> what now? >> told me the flight wasn't canceled. my husband drove away. >> she is still smiling a little built. brings up an interesting debate. what if you find yourself in same l similar spot. >> that means, some are second-guessing whether travel insurance would have been a good idea. nbc bay area's chris sanchez live at the san jose international airport with the
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breakdown. chris? >> hi, marla. the question do you want travel insurance always comes up when booking doing it online yourself or going through a travel agent. we did conduct a survey with one of our travel experts in the bay area. here's what he had to say. if you are booking a high value trip, get the travel insurance. it will cover illness, death of a family member, natural disaster or terror attack and cover the cost of getting you out of the country injured or sick. if your air travel is delayed and you miss the beginning of the vacation, travel insurance will pay for you to get to the next port and catch with your cruise. this couple learned the value of travel insurance when two weeks before a 17 day cruise to south america they planned, his father passed away. they recovered the $11,000 cost of the trip and got to spend valuable time with their family. >> just filled out their paperwork which was pretty reasonable amount of paperwork to do.
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submitted it. got the check back. only thing it cost was price of insurance. >> if you are wondering there are times when you can skip the travel insurance. if you find a cheap ticket on line. don't need a travel insurance. travel is flexible. can afford to be a couple hours late or day later, you don't need insurance. if you can afford to lose the money. skip the travel insurance. minimum trip insurance coverage is $12. that will cover everything except for a last minute cancellation on your part. but it will get you to your next port, miss your initial flight. also make sure you can get out of the country if you are sick. and cover the cost of lost baggage as well. >> thank you, chris. that would be the safe way to go. traditionally, southwest, scored well with passengers. new ratings out
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performance. air tran knocks off hawaiian. top five. jetblue, u.s. airways and dell tachlt the study based ratings on ontime arrivals, mishandled baggage. overbooking and consumer complaints. >> pilot of the vintage aircraft which crashed near a marina took action to make sure he didn't hurt anyone else. 1947 plane broke into several pieces which were gathered on to a flat bed truck today. that way the ntsb can do a forensic examination. those usually take about six months. the pilot, 73-year-old richard manu manual, took off and headed home to valejo. he died soon after an ambulance but avoided striking people on shore. the federal government stepping up safety guidelines after several deadly pipeline
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explosions including the one in san bruno that killed eight. transportation secretary ray lahood toured the site of the disaster, february natural gas explosion in pennsylvania which killed five people. he announced a national pipeline safety initiative, calling on u.s. gas and oil pipeline owners and operators to identify high risk areas and fast track repairs and replacements. >> people shouldn't have to worry if they flip a light switch and it would cause an explosion in the front yard. people should have confidence they can turn on the heat, stove or computer without endangering families and neighbors. >> la hood called on congress to force owners and operators to follow safety guidelines like increasing civil penalties for pe line violato from $100,000 per day to $250,000 a day. state public utilities commission is holding a series
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of public hearings about setting up new rules for safe operation of natural gas pipelines. the first one schedule ford tomorrow. tomorrow evening. 5:00. san bruno senior center on crystal springs road. may 16th another one. state puc will hold a meeting at steel lane community sent ser. >> update on the story we first brought you when it broke last thursday. a san francisco giants' fan severely beaten on opening day at dodgers stadium. in a medically induced coma tonight. witnesses say the attackers wearing dodgers clothing hit brian stow in the head. as he fell to the ground he also hit his head. injuries are so serious surgeons had to remove part of stow's skull to relieve some of the swelling. doctors at an l.a. county hospital say the 42 year owed is in critical condition, but is stable. here is a look at a police sketch of two suspects. a $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to their arrest. now, coming up a little later at
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5:00, medical reporter, talks to doctors about stow's treatment and prognosis. >> a potential game changer for the prosecution in the barry bonds perjury case. the judge canceled proceedings after a jury called in sick. while the jury had the day off, the judge and lawyers, spent the day debating whether a newly discovered tape will be allowed into evidence. here is barry bonds arriving for fril today. the secretly recorded tape is said to be of bonds surgeon based in the south bay. the surgeon denied discussing steroids with bonds. but the prosecution says they have a recording of the doctor and bonds doing just that. discussing steroids. the tape from barry bonds former manager, turned government witness. the defense is a cuesing the prosecution of hiding the evidence. but the judge is allowing the tape to be used. chilling admission in oakland as confessed killer, devonde broussard described
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shooting chauncey bailey. in august, 2007. bailey was walking to his office at oakland post where he was editor. broussard ran within an arm's reach of bailey and shot him in chest and torso. he said he started to run but returned firing a third time. hitting bailey in the face. because he was instructed that bailey had to die. bay and another man are on trial. broussard says, the former owner of your black muslim bakery, ordered the killing. the sanity face in the attempted murder trial started. he was found guilty of plotting an attack at hills. dale high school in 2009. he is diagnosed with schizophrenia. more than a half dozen privately hired and court appointed psychologists and psychiatrists examined him in the months after he terrorized hills. dale with pipe bombs, a sword and chain saw. defense attorneys say he cannot
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discern right from wrong and suffers from ha lugs natillucin. the prosecution says mental illness does not prevent him from knowing the difference between right and wrong. >> antioch police department is warning residents. a man posing as an at & t representative, offering special offers. it happened on 2400 block of cambridge drive in antioch. the man asked for personal information and said it is sales procedure. according to police after showing the i.d. card, residents noticed he did not look like the man. at & t confurmd irmed he does n work for them. >> pom who text while driving can travel as fares a football field before looking up from their phone. with that in mind, chp and 200 police and sheriffs agencies are looking for drivers on cell phones, talking or texting. heads up here. no calling and texting. stats show you are four times more likely to get yourself into
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a serious crash iuyo af lire usg a hand held device. teenage drivers are 20 times more likely. if you get caught, this month they'll be looking for you, ticket $159. a second violation is $279. >> well, south bay marine who graduated from high school a few years agore killed in afghanist. lance corporal harry lew was killed yesterday supporting combat operations ithe southern helmond province. the defense department did not y how he died. it is under investigation. assigned to the force out of hawaii. 2008 graduate of santa clara high school. >> accused master mind behind e september 11th terrorist attacks tried by a military commission at guantanamo bay. in 2009 eric holder announced, sheik mohammed and
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co-conspirators would be tried in new york. today, holder said all five men will face a military tribunal at gitmo. >> ahead on nbc bay area news at 5:00, the latest from japan as the stricken nuclear power plant spills millions of gallons of radioactive walter into the pacific. >> governor and his comic book, arnold schwarzenegger becoming a hero he never played before. >> giants fan, brian stow remains hospitalized with critical head injuries the coming up we'll talk to doctors about the treatment of those injuries. good afternoon, i'm chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri, clear, sunny skies, and big-time warming. still holding on to mid to upper 70s from the north down to the east bay. coming up we'll talk about little bit cooler weather coming for tomorrow's forecast. and evenss eek' nain- in this week's seven-day forecast. straight ahead.
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giants fan badly beaten during a dodger game in los angeles last week is fighting for his life tonight. ryan stowe is in intensive care at usc medical center. >> getting national attention, very difficult around here. nbc bay area's maryann favro spoke with doctors about stow's treatment. she joins us now with an update. >> a few seconds ago i got off the phone with a hospital spokesman who says stow is in critical condition but stable. surgeons removed a section of his skull. he is now in a medically induced coma. i spoke with a bay area neurosurgeon about both of those treatments. >> reporter: brian stow is a
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devoted giants' fan. as a pair medding paramedic, h for his own. doctors removed part of his skull. this doctor is a neurocritical care specialist at kaeiser redwood city. he says it is performed to reduce swelling in the brain. >> to allow expansion outward and not towards the normal parts of the brain if you will or towards the brain stem which is in the middle of your brain, you, you, we frequently remove the skull on other side. >> doctors at usc medical center put stow in a meddingly induced coma. >> that is a medical therapy of reducing brain swelling. and reducing the -- the activity of the brain so that -- there is less need for blood flow to the brain. therefore, there is less injury as a result of the head trauma. >> dozens of people from across the country have gone on line, wishing stow a strong recovery. the doctor says while he isn't treating stow hem self he has
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seen brain injury patients make amazing recoveries. >> we have had plenty of patients do well after removal of the skull. >> now his family waits for small signs of hope. a sign stow's brain swelling is going down. if that happens, then doctors would be able to slowly bring him out of his medically induced coma and he will start to breathe on his own again. now in a published report, stow's brother in law said doctors were considering removing the front lobe of his brain, a section of it. the doctor says if that is true, that is a sign the skull removal did not reduce the brain swelling enough. there will be a press conference tomorrow and we'll bring you up to speed on latest results. mary ann favro, bay area news. now to the latest on the disaster in japan. workers at crippled fukushima nuclear power plant began pumping 3 million gallons of contaminated water into the pacific. that will free storage space for
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more highly radioactive water. it will take two days to pump the less radioactive walter out of the complex. the cooling systems knocked out by the earthquake and tsunami three weeks ago. radioactivity is quickly diluted in the ocean. >> the local impact is expensive. new damage estimates from last month's tsunami along the california coast. the numbers at $48 million. four million more than previous estimate. the harbors in crescent city and santa cruz, hardest hit by the tsunami triggered by the earthquake. a spokesman for the california emergency management agency says they're in process of drafting a letter to the white house requesting a disaster declaration. that would then pave the way for federal aid. nice way to start the workweek. gorgeous outside. >> beautiful all week or no? >> no. >> that can never happen, raj.
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i must say, your shoes sparkling like the sun out there. >> you look them. >> very cool. need shoe-cam tonight. you guys probably can't see them now. they're right in front of me. a look outside. california kind of day. bay bridge, looking pretty calm right now. with sunny skies. 73, winds north at 8 miles per hour. it is that northerly wind today. that has helped temperatures, warm up anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees. some of the most warming right along the peninsula here. throughout san mateo. at this hour, compared to this time yesterday in hey ward. with that said. we have had temperatures close to 80 degrees. cupertino, 78. santa rosa, 77. east bay, walnut creek, 75 degrees. holding on to warmth. low to mid 70s, seeing across a lot of the bay area right now. this will be one of the best nights to got out here as we head through the next couple days. we are going to be undergoing changes over the next four-day
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period. each and every day. gradually dropping those temperatures. so we'll see slight cool into tuesday's forecast. before we eventually start to get in on rain and possibility of thunderstorms. in our seven-day. look at the satellite radar picture. yeah, we have cloud cover to the north. sign of cooler weather for tomorrow. not expecting any rainfall from this at all. just a lot of cooler air associated with the cloud cover here. and here is the weaker system. right throughout washington and oregon. we're on the drier, tail end of the cool front. it will mean just that. cool air, across the bay area for tuesday. still keeping it mainly in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees. it's wednesday when we'll feel the cooler impacts with 60s expected from the coast, right to our inland locations. that have enjoyed the upper 70s today. for the east bay. clear skies. low 50s. as we head throughout 11:00 a.m. mid 60s in the east bay. as for tonight, our coldest spot in the north bay. with 47 in santa rosa.
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48 in napa. 49 in los gatos. those numbers tomorrow. still not going to disappoint. still plenty of sunshine. looking at 70, morgan hill. 72 in evergreen. 71 in san jose. dublin expecting 72 for the peninsula. see things drop into the 60s for tomorrow with the winds beginning to shift. and that weaker system pushing in to the bay area. 72 in fairfield. 71 in napa. and for most of the north bay -- we'll hover in the low 70s from santa rosa. all right. raj. asking about the seven day, chomping at the bit earlier. yes. thursday, a chance of rain. that's when it comes back. friday, chance of thunderstorms. dry for next saturday. never too early to look ahead towards the weekend, right. chance of showers as we head towards, late sunday. but -- for tomorrow -- still sunny. still nice. still on the warm side. >> i can still wear my open toed
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sparkly heels. >> yes, sparkling shoes on. >> yes. >> again. story of our lives. >> had to bring it up. sorry. >> i light. i like it. >> still ahead on nbc bay area news at 5:00. he has been the top of hollywood's a list. the top of california politics. what's next for the governor. the triumphant return to hero status. >> here we go, charlie sheen's torpedo of truth tour. continues after dropping a major bomb in detroit. take aook atis latest performance in chicago. you might be surprised. treatme
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prevention of alzheimers. >> researchers estimate, 60% of alzheimers can be attributed. to lifestyle changes for patients at risk.
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charlie sheen has learned his lesson after scathing reviews and walkouts at his first live show in detroit saturday. >> i discovered the internet and crack on the same night. >> probably a bad combination. 24 hours later in chicago, sheen revamped the whole show doing interview format and even got a standing ovation. a few unhappy fans did walk out after intermission, but even the fired tv star admits there are a few thing he's still wants to adjust, but overall he says it was a great night. all right. he is back. former governor arnold schwarzenegger was in cannes france to promote his project, not politics, comics. the main character will be called the governator, comic book, epic, animated, action, comedy, super hero series. a 21st century global super hero. 21st century global super hero. besides the comic book and tv
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series, schwarzenegger says there will be a 3-d movie in the works. we're back in a moment.
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>> all right. welcome back. stories we're working on for 6:00. we'll update the story on the
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giants fan in tacoma. also the story with southwest airlines. >> we'll bring you the latest coming up at 6:00. thank you for joining us. >> see you then.
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